The Australian Inquiries Panel has two categories of members:

  1. an invitation-only group of firms that act for individuals facing coercive hearings such as:

    • Royal Commissions
    • National Anti-Corruption Commission
    • Boards of Inquiry
    • IBAC
    • Crime Commission
  2. government organisations or corporate lawyers who are wanting to be involved in the continuing legal education that is provided

Our members have acted for hundreds of clients in every state and territory in Australia in coercive hearings. We represent individuals who are facing these hearings and, as part of our panel approach, choose not to accept referrals to appear on behalf of organisations or companies in these cases.

We have been instructed by a former Australian Governor-General, politicians both federal labor and federal liberal, many state politicians, and many high quality professionals who want to make sure that they get the best representation possible. For both the Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse and the Northern Territory Royal Commission into Children in Custody, we were the main referral point for the legal services that were set up to deal with people receiving summonses

We conduct regular continuing professional development (CPD) of our member lawyers through both high quality speakers and training, some of which we share on this website.

We have immediate access to 50 advocate lawyers across the firms and work collaboratively to avoid conflicts and provide the best service for clients. We all have practices that regularly involve interstate appearances.

Please contact us with your enquiry so we can assess your matter and come up with the best strategy on how to handle your case.

Important Legal Disclaimer: The AIP is an unincorporated organisation, and the firms and lawyers involved in the AIP in no way purport to be one firm or responsible in any way for each other’s legal work. If you do engage a lawyer who is from the AIP, you are engaging a lawyer from whatever firm they are from. AIP is an organisation providing high quality continuing legal education to its members and is not a law firm.